Monday, January 30, 2012

Gonna say this!

This is what I need to get through a 15 hours flight! :)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Birthday Surprise to Universal Studio Singapore

Universal Studio!!!!
Been 8 months since i last blog.. I almost forget how dashboard look like.. Finally!!!!
Here's a fast update:
Found a important someone who's really sweet, humorous, patient...
exceptional long list to describe him.

At the start of our journey...
All Wet...

but he's not.... so unfair!!!!

Revenge of the Mummy...

Secret Potion for 2..

oh man, love this pic!

Hat that matches what i wear...

Another pic of US at USS!

Super Duper fun day spent with Ben! :) Such a pleasent surprise!!!
His birthday is just 4 days away!!!
Guess im well-prepared! :)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Not satisfied

A very special day.
Subzone dc class falls on a Monday this week due to staff retreat.

Last day of November, preparing for Christmas and of course ready to end 2010 well.
Verse of the day:
[Hebrews 10:23]
"Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering,for He who promised is faithful"

Glad to be in this subzone.

Greater dreams and visions
Deeper level of sacrifice n endless encounters.
A word that will last me through and will hold on to it.
I love the Presence of God.
Really do. Nothing can be compared.
Show me more.

1 month and counting down.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Reviving bloggie-Bandung Trip

Setting off for yet another mission trip. :) Truely din expect to go this year but God is always faithful.
Remember one of the service, Pastor prayed for those Sot students who are going for the mission trip, i mumbled to God that i would like to go, but did not think further because the natural circumstances did allow me to go, finances, time etc etcetc...

Well, God listen to every word we mumble to Him.
And here i go..
Famous Volcano in Bandung

It was such an awesight sight :)

Moving on, preparation of the youth service on the 3rd day.

Was such an awesome experience, the musicians n singers are very talented.
And importantly, had a great chance to bond with the youths.
So much fun taking photos
Most importantly, i love the word bacause is inspiring!
Amber, thanks for that great message:)

Next up, went to Kapo.
what a priviledge to be able to preach in 2 junior services. :)
My intepreter is good TTM.
By the time i finish 1 service, he already know what to say for second service. haha!


The most important place that i will never forget is the prayer cove.
Is a really small room as you can see..I will never get tired of going in there because I simply love the place.

This reviving entry is not just for photos, of course.
Thank you to
Amber for giving me this opportunity.
Pastor Edmund for allowing me to go.
Karen, Yanming, Lester, Santy for your love offering.
Tianyi for your 1/3 air ticket paid.

This trip will not be complete if i hasn't thank these people..
Pastor Fandy and his lovely soon to be wife,
and all the indonesians!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Asia conference

What are you waitig for??
It's the 2nd Asia conference, this time a lot bigger with world's Christian leaders gather at Singapore expo to witness this special 5 days that will guarantee change in everyone's. Yes I mean CHANGE. Total Change. Some might not like this word, as there will always be resistance, but this conference will change your perspectives like totally Total Change! And this is what I have been waiting n expecting for the longest past 1 month of my life (dealing with my 2 nd year exams.) He always set the timing right for me! Just nice, after exams-Asia conference! How cool is that? Really anticipating for the exhilarating 5 days ride of only getting better as each day passes! What a priviledge!

Opening session with the world biggest church founder. Pastor Yoggi Cho. Opening session at 9am but gonna be there at 7am. "I dun wanna miss a thing" do you get it? Fire burning within! Whoo before that I need total strength! Expecting to wake up at 5am:(

People, I can't wait to write more about the experiences soon!!!
Some random: God will never disqualify you unless you disqualified yourself! Whoo hoo!

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Sunday, April 4, 2010

A sweet reminder of His amazing love

Today just celebrated the resurrection of Jesus! What an awesome priviledge I have to know and be serving Him.

Had a super duper good time catching up with each other during service etc etc etc:)
Most importantly, many many people gave their lives to God this weekend. He first love us, so that we can love Him.

Today had a very awesome time to witness this truth:
When one is saved, truely the household will be saved!

Shao Tan's parents just got saved this morning. Still remember the time where she find it hard to even come for regular cell group and service.
I'm proud of you LaoDa:)

Truely believe that All things are possible through Christ who strengthens us!

Visualizing my Dad n my brothers walking down the aisle receiving God in their lives. Gotta believe!

Folks till then!

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Friday, March 19, 2010

An update of..

Been busy the past few months with Cg, outreaches, school etc etc..
Balance is the key of life.
I just what i'm doing.
Mainly because i'm doing what He likes to do.

Finally, UOL Exams coming in 1 month time.
Prelims ended last week.
Still, Gonna get back on track to study like never before.
Is like taking A levels every year.