Monday, August 30, 2010

Reviving bloggie-Bandung Trip

Setting off for yet another mission trip. :) Truely din expect to go this year but God is always faithful.
Remember one of the service, Pastor prayed for those Sot students who are going for the mission trip, i mumbled to God that i would like to go, but did not think further because the natural circumstances did allow me to go, finances, time etc etcetc...

Well, God listen to every word we mumble to Him.
And here i go..
Famous Volcano in Bandung

It was such an awesight sight :)

Moving on, preparation of the youth service on the 3rd day.

Was such an awesome experience, the musicians n singers are very talented.
And importantly, had a great chance to bond with the youths.
So much fun taking photos
Most importantly, i love the word bacause is inspiring!
Amber, thanks for that great message:)

Next up, went to Kapo.
what a priviledge to be able to preach in 2 junior services. :)
My intepreter is good TTM.
By the time i finish 1 service, he already know what to say for second service. haha!


The most important place that i will never forget is the prayer cove.
Is a really small room as you can see..I will never get tired of going in there because I simply love the place.

This reviving entry is not just for photos, of course.
Thank you to
Amber for giving me this opportunity.
Pastor Edmund for allowing me to go.
Karen, Yanming, Lester, Santy for your love offering.
Tianyi for your 1/3 air ticket paid.

This trip will not be complete if i hasn't thank these people..
Pastor Fandy and his lovely soon to be wife,
and all the indonesians!


Martha said...

nice photos :-D
visit me too
love from Poland!

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